Auto On Road Defensive Driving Courses

Who is the course for?

Our On Road Courses in Adelaide Only, are perfect for court order drivers who must complete a defensive driving course prior to appearing in Court, or as part of a Court Program.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course.

Group Courses in Carins Only Are Perfect For 'L' Platers, 'P' Platers, Corporate Fleet & Court Order Drivers.

ON ROAD Course Description >

a 2 hour prograrm that consists of a theory component and a practical component. conducted around adelaide in challanging traffic conditions.

Our Price $220

Learning Objectives >

  • The principles of defensive driving - how to minimize risks and improve driver's safety margin
  • Hazard detection - the technique and skill of reading ahead and identifying hazards
  • Reaction times 
  • Accident avoidance techniques
  • Driver attitudes & general road safety
  • Understanding the limitations of relying on emergency control skills
  • Vision and road position
  • Vehicle safety - driving position, tires and pressures
  • Practical Activities - understanding the relationship between reaction time, speed and stopping distances
  • Vehicle dynamics - understanding what causes skids and vehicle instability
  • Understanding vehicle technology such as ABS

What is supplied >

  • Professional tuition from experienced instructors
  • Automatic vehicle
  • Online Theory Course
  • Certificates for course graduates

Fitness and Experience >

  • The Defensive Driving course is suited to drivers of regular passenger vehicles
  • All participants must present their current driver's license in order to participate
  • There are no particular levels of fitness or experience that is required

Upcoming Auto On Road Defensive Driving Courses

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