Regulator Assessment Training

Regulator Assessment Training

Looking to become a Motor Driving Instructor in South Australia? We offer Regulator Assessment Training designed to prepare you for success. With our experienced instructor and hands-on training in our manual vehicle, you'll feel confident and well-prepared to take the next step in your career.

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The Regulator Assessment is a practical test designed to determine if you meet the minimum standard of vehicle operation and driver training expected of a motor driving instructor (MDI). In South Australia all applicants to become an MDI must successfully pass a regulator assessment in a vehicle with a manual transmission.

You must pass a DIT regulator assessment in the relevant class of vehicle, fitted with a manual transmission. The regulator assessment is broken into three parts including:

  • Driving to novice driver standard
  • Completing a commentary drive in which you identify and communicate road hazards and their context while driving
  • Training tasks from The Driving Companion
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